How SEO content writing services have changed over time?


SEO content writing services

Before 2000, it was possible to be on the top searches of the search engine ranking by repeating keywords in an article as many times as possible. The search engine then wasn’t fine-tuned to understand how SEO practices were used uniquely and differently to catch the attention of the search engine. Such practices were also termed Black Hat SEO practices. It was more of the wild west days of SEO wherein the fastest guns were the dictators of the towns of the old west. Then came along major changes in the search engine ranking criteria, which strictly cut down the wrong practices to be on the top ranking of the search engine results. This turned out to be the new sheriff in the town which hunted down all the wrong SEO practices. The new changes focused on keeping the content relevant to the context of the search and discouraged the use of the repetition of SEO keywords multiple times in a write-up. 

Understanding the latest SEO content writing practices

SEO-based write-ups are a specialized form of content development that includes specific Search Engine Optimisation based keywords to promote the website or web page over the internet so that a search engine will notice it and help it by increasing its traffic. In other words, the idea of using SEO keywords in a write-up, smartly, of a website is to grab the search engine’s attention so that it can show the ranking of the website on its top spots. This helps to bring reliability to the website among the users of the search engine, as the website is shown at the top ranking of the search engine results. Once this happens, visitors end up flocking the website. Thus, SEO optimization of the website helps a website drastically to increase the flow of visitors to the website and assists in healthy lead generation. 

Why high-quality content matter in SEO content writing services? 

It may sound easy that it may be a simple task to bring website ranking on the top results of a search engine. However, it is not so. This is because the content has to be crowd-pulling and so attractive that the visitors should feel they will get something in by reading the content and compelled to feel to use the products or services offered by the company’s website. Thus, content is the king and high-quality content is rewarded. Importantly, readers lookout for engaging and valuable content.

Combining SEO keywords with high-quality content

SEO content will be highly appreciable and engaging only when the write-up is informative and carries value for the readers. SEO keywords are indispensable in a write-up that is relevant to the search engine crawlers. However, just for the sake of inserting SEO keywords, the core content shouldn’t be made a scapegoat, as keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore in the current times. Thus, SEO content should focus on two aspects. Firstly, it should focus on human readers and then search engine crawlers too. In other words, SEO keywords should be found relevant wherever they are used in the content. There shouldn’t be any kind of discord between the SEO keywords and the content or the context of the content. 

Conclusion: SEO keyword integration into the content has to be smartly done in SEO Content Writing Services. It has to be carried out in such a way that the readers should not feel that the SEO keyword has been desperately stuffed inside the content to make the search engine crawlers happy.


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